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Fremont County School District No. 25 and Riverton High School feel that bullying is a devastating form of abuse that can have long-term effects on youthful victims, robbing them of self-esteem, isolating them from their peers, causing them to drop out of school, and even prompting health problems and suicide.

Witnessing bullying can also be harmful, as it may make the witness feel helpless - or that he or she may be the next target.

Children who are bullied are often singled out because of a perceived difference between them and others, whether because of appearance (size, weight, or clothes), intellect, ethnic or religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

Bullying can be a gateway behavior, teaching the perpetrator that threats and aggression are acceptable even in adulthood.

Help stop bullying at Riverton High School. If you are being bullied or if you have witnessed bullying taking place, please fill out the Incident Report form below and e-mail, mail, or give it to:


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