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Scholarships can come from a variety of different places, so this webpage is dedicated to provide resources to help RHS students and families find scholarships for their college endeavors. The page is broken down into sections as follows:

·         Hathaway Scholarship Information

·         Craig & Susan Thomas Foundation Information (Non-Hathaway)

·         Western Undergraduate Exchange Program Information

·         Scholarship Search Engines

·         School Specific Scholarships

·         Private Scholarship List (monthly updates)

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Hathaway Scholarship Program
    • Click HERE for Hathaway Scholarship Information
  • Craig & Susan Thomas Foundation Scholarship-Awarded to students who have not met the Hathaway requirements. Deadline: May 1, 2014
    • Click HERE for online application or with Ms. McSweeny
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange Program

Many institutions in the western states have agreed to provide discounted tuition rates to students in participating states. Wyoming is a part of this system, allowing students to attend colleges in several states for less than the traditional out-of-state cost.

    • Click HERE for a complete list of institutions
  • Scholarship Search Engines

Many websites have been created to assist students in uncovering scholarship opportunities. These sites often require creating an account and are funded by advertising, so don't be surprised when you see it. Please always use caution on these sites. The sites listed below are reputable and reliable but every now and then you might come across a scam. If a scholarship or website is requesting you to provide personal financial information DO NOT USE IT. Scholarships are free financial aid; you should never have to pay for a service to receive scholarship funds.

  • School Scholarships
    • Click HERE for a complete list
  • Private Scholarship List(local and national, updated monthly)
    • Click HERE for a complete list


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