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Wolverine Readers

over 2 years ago

Wolverine Readers

The Wolverine Reader Club is a reading incentive program sponsored by the Media Center for RHS students. Basically, students who sign up for the program are rewarded for reading, using, and buying reading materials. Essentially, students earn Wolverine Dollars for using books and reading materials, buying books and reading materials, and completing response forms for these materials. Students can choose to use their Wolverine Dollars to purchase CD players, DVD players, stereos, pens, books, food coupons, magazine coupons, bookmarks, and other items. Each year, we look forward to giving away over $2500 dollars worth of prizes. Interested students can sign up in the Media Center.

Sign up for the program now, begin reading, and complete the following Wolverine Reader forms to verify your reading:

Send comments & completed forms to:

Heather Morrison - Librarian